Where your treasure is,
there also will be your heart.

The Alchemist

transformational storyteller
wellness advocate
mystic entrepreneur


Inspired by a deep respect for ancient wisdom traditions and our shared connection with the planet we inhabit, Stephanie is a passionate advocate for authentic empowerment and conscious transformation through radical integrity of the heart, mind, body and spirit.

Her journey was catalyzed after a time of challenge and crisis that became a gift of discovery, healing and liberation, which led her from a successful career in finance and film, to a path of consciousness and wellness.

In love with the power of plants and having immersed herself in numerous healing modalities, Stephanie harmonizes the often seemingly contradictory dualities of business and consciousness, east and west, to embody a unique and sound approach for ascension, one that honors and celebrates the feminine and masculine within us all.


Stephanie was most recently the President of The Alchemist's Kitchen, dedicated to plant-based wellness in personal transformation, and Director of Evolver Holdings Corp, a leading conscious lifestyle company serving the post-new age transformational market. She was a leading member of the team that created The Alchemist's Kitchen and its product brand Plant Alchemy. She oversaw marketing and brand strategy for all of Evolver's assets including The Alchemist's Kitchen, Evolver Learning Lab, Bowery Cannabis Club and Reality Sandwich.

A native Hong Konger, Stephanie began her career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers, New York, and was a number one ranked equity analyst in the retail sector with HSBC Securities, Hong Kong. As a content strategist and multimedia producer with films that premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, she also produced branded content for companies such as The X-Prize Foundation, ABC Television and The Discovery Channel. She was founder and CEO of MediaNosh, a content strategy and digital marketing consultancy.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, including a concentration in Politics from Oxford University, England.

Based in New York City, Stephanie is an avid traveler and a witchy sci-fi loving alien, but only in the best way. She enjoys cooking, tai-chi and belly dancing.

Winged Heart