Stephanie Wang

  Media Production and Branded Content


“Stephanie has done great work for our company and demonstrates a professionalism that is commendable. She is easy to work with and brings great skill and insight to her job. Her work on our behalf has been very well received. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Anthony Nwachukwu
Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Managing Director

SW Global Limited

“In 2009 Stephanie shot and produced an excellent video for us promoting Cine Institute in Jacmel, Haiti. She worked under challenging conditions and was not only professional and resourceful, but went beyond her duties to teach and mentor our students, all of whom really enjoyed her enthusiastic and energetic presence, and found her knowledgeable, engaging and inspiring. She has continued to be a friend to the school and its students and was pivotal in bringing the first commercial feature film production to Jacmel and the Institute, providing first-time employment for many of its students, which is a key objective of Cine Institute.

I would certainly work with Stephanie again and recommend her to future clients and employers, not just because of her professionalism and personable qualities, but also for her collaborative, generous and positive spirit.”

David Belle
Founder and Director

Ciné Institute

“This past fall(2009) I had the pleasure of working directly with Stephanie Wang as a producer for a suite of videos for a project of mine. Our target audience was high school students with the goal of inspiring them to drive change today and enter a national student contest to design the dashboard of the future.

During the entire process she was attentive and particularly creative as she had a direct hand in developing the video’s creative concept and coordinating shoots in three separate cities. In fact, Stephanie helped coordinate filming in high schools by searching them out independently which added to our network of students available for testimonials. She was very professional in that she continually kept me updated on statuses of shoots and editing processes. Ultimately, we had a three minute launch video developed and 21 vignette testimonials that were delivered on time and live on the web. Another note, I was with her on set at two locations and she has a natural knack for getting those on camera ready and comfortable.”

Anne Sparkman
Senior Associate
Widmeyer Communications

“I have had the privilege of working with Stephanie Wang since the beginning of 2008.  She has been, and continues to be an extraordinary producing partner – talented, efficient, organized, dedicated, conscientious, and able to translate creative vision into an excellent final product, smoothly carrying productions through from inception to delivery in a manner that satisfies financial, logistical, strategic and operational requirements of any particular project.  These skills combined with a natural knack for team leadership and people management as well as client relations make her and indispensible collaborator.

I have also been blessed to work with a colleague that shares my passion for multi-platform storytelling and my vision of a film/video/media not as the end, but as means to an end, a spark that starts a fire that awakens an audience that engages in the experience that builds an awareness, generates a new market and inspires constructive action.

Stephanie is a rock of professionalism and fortitude that gets the job done no matter how challenging the circumstances.  In chaos, she finds order.  She is positively a joy and inspiration to work with.  I look forward to our continued partnership in future projects together.”

Jonathan Stack
Highest Common Denominator Media Group

HCD Media Group / Jonathan Stack