Stephanie Wang

  Media Production and Branded Content


A recipient of the Sundance Insitute’s Skoll Foundation grant for “Stories of Change”, Connected is a feature documentary originated, directed and produced by Jonathan Stack, executive produced by David Deniger and Mara-Michelle Batlin, currently in development at HCD Media Group, about the story of Nigerian entrepreneur Dr. Aloy Chife and his unrelenting effort to shrink Africa’s digital divide.  Less than a decade ago Dr. Chife returned to Africa from the United States committed to using the power of information and communications technology to level the playing field for the planet’s poorest by bringing the most efficient and advanced technologies to improve social services. Five years later, his Nigerian company SW Global is bringing innovative software solutions to institutions across the continent in schools, governments and hospitals.

In Dr. Chife’s newest venture he will be tackling how Nigerian driver’s licenses and SIM cards are issued as the world’s economic superpowers, from Google to the Chinese government, take notice.  In the process he and his company will be giving Nigerians verifiable identities online and the ability to participate in the global economy for the first time in history.

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